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EHR Implementation Specialist

Full Description:

An EHR Implementation Specialist provides the technical support for the implementation of EHR and other HIT technologies to on-site users for the period of time before and during implementation of health IT systems in clinical and public health settings.

Job Responsibilities:

Execute the enterprise-wide implementation project plans and hardware (as needed); Configure software to meet practice needs; Provide training to appropriate staff including clinical personnel ; Serve as a liaison between REC and Beacon personnel ; Incorporate usability principles into design and implementation; Test the software against performance specifications; Maintain systems and serve as an enterprise-wide consultant for all HIT implementation; Interact with the vendors as needed to rectify problems that occur during the deployment and maintenance process

Skills Required:

The previous background of workers in this role includes information technology or information management

Related Jobs:

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Data, Application or System Analyst

Training & Education: Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree with 3-5 years of relevant work experience

Average Salary: $58,000 *
*Salary shown is projected

Work Experience: Must have SQL experience; Must have template build experience; Must have previous training, implementation, and build experience; Must have previous experience working in the healthcare arena with EHR systems; Experience working with Physicians and Nurses is preferred

Did You Know: A recent study says a 40 percent hike in information technology (IT) workforce will be needed to move U.S. health care toward a paperless system that is able to control costs and reduce medical errors.