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EHR Implementation Specialist

Full Description:

An EHR Implementation Specialist provides the technical support for the implementation of EHR and other HIT technologies before and during implementation of health IT systems in clinical and public health settings.

Job Responsibilities:

Execute the enterprise-wide implementation project plans and hardware (as needed); Configure software to meet practice needs; Provide training to appropriate staff including clinical personnel ; Serve as a liaison between hospital and vendor personnel ; Incorporate usability principles into design and implementation; Test the software against performance specifications; Maintain systems and serve as an enterprise-wide consultant for all HIT implementation; Interact with the vendors as needed to rectify problems that occur during the deployment and maintenance process.

Skills Required:

The previous background of workers in this role includes information technology or information management. Clinical, Information Technology and Health Information Management are pertinent skills that apply to various implementation specilcialist roles. Skills will vary depending on the particular systems being implemented.

Alternate Title:

EHR Training Specialist; Practice Workflow Implementation Specialist

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Training & Education: Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree with 3-5 years of relevant work experience

Average Salary: $62,062 *
*Salary shown is projected

Work Experience: Must have previous training, implementation, and systems build experience; Must have previous experience working in the healthcare arena with EHR systems; Experience working with clinical staff is preferred.

Did You Know: A recent study says a 40 percent hike in information technology (IT) workforce will be needed to move U.S. health care toward a paperless system that is able to control costs and reduce medical errors. The Obama administration estimates an additional 50,000 HIM workers are needed to implement its national electronic health record initiative.